Power Wash vs. Pressure Wash

Power Wash Vs Pressure Wash

Is there any grime or dirt on your driveway that must be cleaned? If a sponge and soapy solution cannot get the job done, you must opt for something stronger. It is the only way that you can get the results that you are looking for. To thoroughly clean your home, you have two cleaning methods available. You can either go for a power wash or a pressure wash.

Although the two techniques might have a similar name, you must understand that they have their fair share of differences. To help you make up your mind about which method to go with, we have prepared the ultimate post just for you. By reading our post, you can expect to get the results that you desire. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive right in.

What Makes a Power Wash Different from a Pressure Wash?

The fact is that the purpose of both a power wash and a pressure wash is the same. They use highly pressurized water for removing dirt and a variety of materials. Even though similar processes might be involved, you must understand that there are some notable differences that you need to know to make up your mind about which option to choose. Knowing these differences will make it easier for you to get your property cleaned in the best way possible.

Even though a power wash and pressure wash use strong streams of water for cleaning stubborn dirt and grime, the main difference is that heat is also applied in a power wash to clean the gunk from the siding or driveway. The machine used for the service has a heating element that heats up the water before it is used. You have to realize that there are various applications for each machine.

Power Wash

As you might know by now, a power wash involves the use of hot water for blasting stains away. It is more suitable for stains that are a breeding ground for bacteria. Hot water is known for its ability to eliminate bacteria. This is why a power wash utilizes hot water for ensuring that bacteria are removed and do not regrow. Thus, a power wash is ideal for eliminating mold and mildew stains. It also does an incredible job at getting rid of grease stains, hardened gum, and salt. You can rely on it to eliminate rust stains as well. Despite the fact that pressure washing can eliminate stains, it is important that you realize that hot water does a much better job.

High-pressure steam is used by a power washer to get rid of dirt from the surface. When high-temperature water and pressure are combined, the results are phenomenal. You should be able to remove just about every material from the surface. It is ideal for removing mold, mildew, and salt from the driveway, deck, outdoor patio, and just about every space. Besides, adding heat helps remove even hardened gum which is one of the most difficult things to remove on your own.

When you opt for power washing, it also handles grease stains in the best way possible. You can also rely on a power wash to control moss and weeds. With just a blast of hot water, you can kill them and ensure that they do not grow again for quite some time. The truth is that you will find a power wash to be a great option for just about every situation where there is a lot of dirt or the surface has been heavily saturated. Therefore, it can be best described as a heavy-duty method.

Pros of a Power Wash

  • Heat Removes Dirt: Heat is known for its ability to clean tough messes including heavily soiled areas. You can go for a power wash to eliminate mildew, mold, grime, and grease. By adding heat, it becomes possible to break down the particles and wash them without using any detergent.
  • High-Pressure: Another great thing about a power wash is that it uses high pressure. A power washer is known for providing a much higher pressure in comparison to a pressure washer. It offers up to 4,000 PSI and an even higher GPM.
  • Kills Moss and Weeds: If you want to make sure that you are able to get rid of moss and weeds, a power wash is recommended. The heat would also restrict regrowth. Hence, you need a power wash if there are any weeds in the walkway.
  • Suitable for Big Jobs: A power wash is the way to go when dealing with a big job. It enables you to complete work quickly so that you can get more done. Besides, it allows you to focus on heavy tasks.

Cons of a Power Wash

  • May Damage the Surface: As a power wash uses heat, it can damage the surface. It is a great option for cement or concrete as these materials are able to handle the heat.
  • Costly: When you compare the cost of a power wash with that of a pressure wash, you will quickly realize that it is more expensive. The heating elements tend to cost more.
  • Lacks Versatility: As only high pressure and heat are offered, you do not benefit from versatility when you consider a power wash. It is suitable for certain jobs.

Pressure Wash

A pressure wash is typically considered for most big cleaning jobs. If anything has to be blown away, a pressure wash is the way to go. It is suitable for removing dirt, gunk, weeds, and moss. You can rely on a pressure wash when dealing with surfaces like masonry, brick, and concrete. Just think about your siding, patio, and driveway. Chances are that you might have used a pressure wash in the past to clean your home. It uses high-pressure water without heat. Even though regular temperature water is used, it is still able to provide great results. However, it might not be the best option for tough stains.

Pros of a Pressure Wash

  • Suitable for Everyone: A pressure wash allows for a wide range of GPM and PSI numbers to be used. This ensures that just about every type of surface can be cleaned.
  • Plenty of Options: A great thing about a pressure wash is that it provides lots of options. The fact is that there are different types of pressure washers out there. Electric and gas pressure washers are the most popular options. Gas units tend to be a whole lot stronger, unlike electric units that are more geared towards domestic use. You should even be able to find cordless units that can be transported anywhere.
  • Available for Every Budget: If you want a pressure wash, you have nothing to worry about as it is not as expensive as a pressure wash. It is the perfect option for every budget.
  • Amazing Versatility: An area where a pressure wash truly shines is versatility. You can adjust the PSI for cleaning just about any type of surface without having to worry about any damage. In fact, there are many nozzles available as well for performing just about every type of task imaginable.
  • Quick: A power wash provides quick results. As it is user-friendly, you can count on it to get the job done in minimal time. If you are interested in power wash vs. pressure wash, you cannot go wrong with the speed of a pressure wash.

Cons of a Pressure Wash

May Cause Damage: As a pressure washer can provide up to 4000 PSI, the damage is possible if you are not careful. You have to avoid a high-pressure setting when cleaning certain surfaces.

Dangerous: If you use the pressure washer yourself, you would end up putting yourself at risk of getting injured.

Which Method to Choose?

The most difficult decision that you can make is deciding between power wash vs. pressure wash. At the end of the day, it all comes down to the cleaning project that you are taking on. You also have to think about whether there is even a need for hot water or not. Otherwise, a pressure washer is suitable. If there is mildew or mold and you want to ensure that it does not return, you have to go with a power wash. It will keep these pesky substances away for good. Let your requirements guide you when making the decision. Generally, a power wash is best for commercial or heavy-duty jobs where there is a lot of mildew, mold, grime, and grease involved. The heat would help provide a deep clean.

When cleaning residential properties, you might want to stick to a pressure wash as a power wash would not be suitable. If you are considering cleaning your home, you would have to go with a pressure wash. It provides greater versatility and should be able to clean the patio, the deck, the siding, the car, the garage, and the driveway. Make sure to hire a professional such as RC Power Cleaning for the best results.