How To Prepare Your Home For An Exterior Paint Job

Considering Painting Your Home’s Exterior? Hire A Pressure Washing Company First!

3 Ways To Help Prepare Your Home For Professional Exterior Painting Services 

When preparing your home’s exterior for a professional painter, there are some crucial factors to consider. Getting a stunning and even coat of paint isn’t as easy as you may think.

Fortunately, our experts at RC Power Cleaning explain everything you need to know for your next project. Every homeowner can benefit from these preparation strategies. Read on below to explore what you can do to be confident in your repaint.

What Are The Benefits Of Painting My Home’s Exterior? 

Painting a home’s exterior is excellent for anyone looking to boost their property’s curb appeal. Functionally, a fresh paint coat will protect the house from various seasonal elements typical to your area. 

When Should I Paint Or Repaint My Home’s Exterior? 

A visual inspection will help you determine the appropriate time to wash and repaint your home. For example, exposed wood, peeling, and flaking of existing paint indicate the need for this project.

A general rule of thumb is to wash your exterior every one to four years, depending on the environment. You should consider repainting your home every five to twenty years for the best look.

Should I Power Wash Or Repaint My Home?  

Power washing is an excellent way to ensure the clean removal of flakes, dirt, mold, and mildew. For most homes, an exterior that needs cleaning will show these elements clearly. We recommend both power washing your home’s exterior and repainting it. Both are beneficial for your home. You should repaint your home if you want to enhance its beauty or prepare it for listing.

Do You Have To Power Wash Your House Before You Paint It? 

Power washing is an essential step in the exterior paint preparation process. This should be done before you paint your home’s exterior. Power washing your home first will remove any debris that could get in the way of a fresh coat. A professional painter relies on three factors before starting:

  1. A clean surface
  2. A dry surface
  3. A dull surface

Using a pressure washer is the best way to achieve all of the above for your home’s exterior. You can also accomplish this in other ways like scraping loose paint and caulking any gaps to reduce the risk of damage. We recommend hiring a professional to power wash your home. 

Can I Paint My Exterior In Rainy Weather? 

It is never a good idea to paint the exterior of your home in wet environments. Most coatings today are water-based acrylics, so any excess moisture or water will cause the paint to run, ruining the clear coat.

Hiring a professional paint crew to handle these jobs is crucial. They will meet the proper prerequisites before starting this task.

What’s The Process A Professional Uses To Paint The Exterior Of A Home?

The painting process is not always an easy one when it comes to the exterior of home. Some crews do not have the proper qualifications to pressure wash a client’s home. That is why you should always reach out to a professional power washing company to make sure you are getting the best service possible. 

Do I Need To Clean The Exterior Of My House Before Painting?

A dirty wall comes with significant risks while painting. When professional painters ignore cleaning surfaces, they will repaint over elements like mold. Unfortunately, this will not permanently cover these features. And it will only cause more damage in the long hall. 

Mold will likely bleed through the acrylic in a few months, needing subsequent cleaning. Investing in a professional wash is the best way to get the most out of your paint job.

Does The Old Paint Need To Be Removed? Or Can It Be Painted Over? 

Harsh climates, like hot and cold weather, will create severe peeling and flaking for some home exteriors. However, if you properly prepare your exterior surfaces, you should have no problem painting over acrylic. It is up to your discretion.

How To Prep Your Home For An Exterior Paint Job

An exterior paint job requires attention to detail and patience. Here we look at how to improve your home’s exterior paint job by following these simple rules of clean, dry, and dull surfaces.

#1 Clean: Pressure Wash Your Home 

This is a vital step. You cannot skip this. Your first step should be to hire a professional pressure washer. These experts will clear your home of unsightly and harmful elements without damaging the property. Specific surfaces require the operator to use different methods and PSI.

These pressure washer crews clean the property from top to bottom to ensure all dirt and grime run down. It is best to outsource this part of the job to reliable technicians with the right tools and wisdom.

#2 Dry: Patience and Observation

Before applying the primer, you will want to ensure your surfaces are dry. This step may require some more patience as a home will sometimes take several hours or over a day to dry from a thorough power washing.

Aside from the cleaning, rainy days and humid environments may delay your paint job. Risking a good paint bond by going over wet surfaces is never a good idea.

A professional painter will wait for a sunny or dry day to begin the project. You will receive an even coat for your money by practicing this habit.

#3 Dull: Sanding and De-glossing

The last step in preparation is making sure the surfaces are dull. However, it can be challenging to achieve these results for many properties. Still, a professional can utilize a few practical strategies to reduce gloss.

One way to remove glossy features is by sanding. However, sanding an exterior can be time-consuming and may not be the best option if you manage a tight schedule.

De-glosser is a solvent that helps knock down the sheen from paint. Modern painters may prefer this solution over others.

Start Your Exterior Paint Prep Today! 

The painting process of your home does not need to be stressful. Professionals are standing by to give you quality results at affordable rates. RC Power Cleaning experts can service your home regardless of the size or material.

Our company values your complete satisfaction. That is why we offer our community reliable power washing, wood restoration, and concrete sealing services. Our friendly customer service will answer any questions you have about our methods.

Why wait to enhance your curb appeal? Partner with us for excellent results.

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